We know you care about your health. You try to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. You run, go the gym, or do yoga. You might even browse websites and listen to the occasional podcast about fitness and nutrition. But with the unprecedented advancement of science and technology in the world around us, doesn’t it seem like there should be another way -- on top of diet and exercise -- for healthy people to maintain their health? There is.

Scientific research over the past several decades has led to a greater understanding of what “healthy” looks like on a cellular level, what causes cells to become unhealthy, and how we might be able to intervene with compounds found in nature to support our long-term health.



How Cellular Health Works


Healthy cells "communicate" to carry out processes in our body

Cells are called the building blocks of life because that’s precisely what they are: the smallest unit of life, with between 30 and 50 trillion of them making up the average human body. Within each tiny cell are components called organelles, including familiar names like the mitochondria and the nucleus, that work together, or communicate, to carry out all of the processes in our body. They convert food to energy, help our muscles contract when we walk, and secrete serotonin that gives us the sense of well-being.

Communication is essential to proper cell function

Cells function properly with consistent communication between organelles like the mitochondria and nucleus, which are dependent on each other. Healthy communication leads to optimal performance in hundreds of functions. One of the most important communication-dependent processes is mitochondrial function, since the mitochondria turn nutrition into energy. Proper communication is the key to having sufficient energy to carry out all of the cells’ functions.

NAD+ Supports Cellular Communication

When cells are operating with the optimal amount of energy, they’re able to carry out the critical functions essential to health -- like maintaining the integrity of DNA, responding to harmful stimuli, and activating sirtuin proteins, which support hundreds of metabolic processes. Research shows that healthy cellular communication relies on the coenzyme NAD+, and that supplies of NAD+ decline in humans as we age.


Basis is a proprietary formulation of two compounds — nicotinamide riboside (a unique form of vitamin B3) and pterostilbene (a powerful antioxidant) — in capsule form. It's designed to support healthy levels of NAD+, which is essential to fundamental cellular function in over 500 areas, including creating energy and maintaining the integrity of our DNA.